NFL MATCHES

Sunday, December 02nd 2012
1:00 PM ET   Seahawks at Bears
1:00 PM ET   Texans at Titans
1:00 PM ET    Patriots at Dolphins
1:00 PM ET    Jaguars at Bills
1:00 PM ET    Colts at Lions
1:00 PM ET    Panthers at Chiefs
1:00 PM ET    Vikings at Packers
1:00 PM ET    49ers at Rams
1:00 PM ET    Cardinals at Jets
4:05 PM ET    Buccaneers at Broncos
4:25 PM ET    Steelers at Ravens
4:25 PM ET    Bengals at Chargers
4:25 PM ET    Browns at Raiders
8:20 PM ET    Eagles at Cowboys

Monday, December 03rd

8:30 PM ET   Giants at Redskins


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